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Flights to Puerto Plata and DR ?

  • From Europe

Cabarete is about 20 minutes' drive from Puerto Plata Airport.
*For going to Cabarete in taxi you pay 35 usd$ dollars and 200 usd$ from Santo domingo

Contact us for book your transfert with better prices !

  • Condor to frankfort with routing from all Europe 

  • Iberia from Madrid landing to Santo domingo

  • Jet Airfly  from Brussels landing to Santo Domingo

  • Promovacances (FR) you can find Hotel + Flight for 1000 euros !

from USA: Ammerican Airlines, Jet blue from Miami or New Yark

From Canada: Air Transat, Air Canada, Sunwing....

airport in dominican republic

Transportation in town ?

Cabarete is a small village, to most of the places you can walk by foot. if you do not like to walk you can also take a moto comcho or a moto taxi. The prices is around 25 DOP during the day and 50 DOP the night per person

You can also rent a scooter (passola ) or rent a car, we canorganize this for you .

Change cash and credit card in Dominican Republic ?

the best is your cash in Dominican Republic or Cabarete when you arrive. But no at the airport the rates change is bad !

ATMs are common in Cabarete and are witout question, the best way to obtain Dominican Pesos ( DOP)

be sure tell your bank where are going so thhey don't put a security hold on the card

Bank in Cabarete

  • BHD

  • Banco Santa Cruz

  • Banco Popular

  • Scotiabank

  • Banco de reserva

Weather and wind condition in Cabarete  ?

Taux de change DOP dominicain.jpg

Taux de Change:

1 EURO = 56 DOP

1 USD    = 50 DOP

1 CAD   =  39 DOP

1 CHF    =  52 DOP

More questions us ;)

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