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General rental conditions:

Maximum number of 6 people except by special agreement with the representative when booking.

The rental period starts from 2:00 p.m. / and ends on the day of departure at 2:00 p.m., unless agreed upon when booking with the representative.

The first reservation deposit is non-refundable.

On arrival at the villa:

  • In addition to the reservation balance, an additional security payment (deposit) will be requested, refundable on the day of departure after verification of the villa of $ 200.00 (US) or RD $ 10,000 in cash.




1. The representative Olivier Moro has the right to inspect the rented property at any time if we suspect illegal use of it and without warning in order to enforce the terms of this contract. In the event that one or more tenants violate the terms of this contract, the rental will be terminated immediately and the tenants will be asked to vacate the premises. The tenants waive all rights of legal action in the event that they do not leave the villa on the last day of the rental period, defined above. Tenants must vacate the property no later than 12:00 / 12pm on the date of the end of the rental period. The tenants can not in any case refuse access to the villa to the maintenance staff if necessary.

2. The tenants will keep the premises clean and will respect the villa by using it with the greatest care. The tenants will reimburse the costs of cleaning or repairs if necessary if the condition of the villa is deemed unacceptable by the representative. Any possible costs will be deducted from the deposit.

3. The tenants will use the bins made available to them and which are located outside in the place provided for this purpose, to get rid of household waste as and when. Tenants must notify the representative in case the bins are full, because the accumulation of waste outside the bins will not be tolerated to avoid attracting any animals or insects.

4. The tenants will reimburse any damage caused to the villa or to the green spaces beyond the normal wear and tear conditions.

5. Pets are not allowed. It is also forbidden to feed stray animals.

6. Renters are not allowed to rent the villa to other people.

7. Tenants are not allowed to accommodate guests without the prior consent of the representative.

8. The tenants will respect the neighbors, they will behave in a civilized manner at all times. Additional precautions will be taken after 10 p.m. / 10 p.m. It is obvious that any abuse or nuisance would be sanctioned immediately, terminating this rental agreement without compensation and tenants would be asked to vacate Villa Strelitzia.

9. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the villas


10. The tenants, as well as the guests they could receive at Villa Strelitzia waive the right to take legal action against the owner's representative or the owner for any incident occurring in the property: injuries, illnesses, death or other accidents of any kind that they be and whatever the causes. The same is true for material damage. Tenants further acknowledge that whatever the owners' insurance policy, it will not cover any physical or material damage (s) caused by tenants or their guests and that they are invited to take out their own insurance if they so wish.


11. The deposit is made at the time of booking and will block the dates thereof as soon as the payment has actually been received on our bank account. In case of cancellation, the deposit would be lost.


12. The tenants agree to pay all miscellaneous costs and / or attorneys' fees, provided that these are reasonable, resulting from the implementation of this contract by Olivier Moro.


13. The tenants acknowledge that this contract applies to a short-term occupation and limited in time in accordance with the dates set above. The tenants do not in any way consider considering this villa as their primary dwelling.


14. The tenants are aware that the electricity supply could exceptionally be lacking, which is beyond the control of the representative and also uncontrollable. Olivier Moro will however do everything in his power to ensure that the situation is restored as quickly as possible. It should be noted that Villa Strelitzia has an emergency device (gasoline generator).

There could also be water cuts out of control however there is a cistern. Tenants will not be entitled to any compensation in the event of power cuts or water cuts.


15. Tenants cannot claim any rental reimbursement in the event that their

stay would be shortened, for whatever reason, even in cases of personal, professional or climatic emergencies. It is good to add that Villa Strelitzia is obviously not responsible for the weather conditions.

16. It is the tenants' responsibility to ensure the safety of occupants in and around dangerous places such as the mezzanine and the swimming pool for example. It is therefore strongly recommended to always have an adult accompanying minor children as soon as they venture out of the villa, whether on the terraces, in the swimming pool or in the garden.

17. Fireworks or other dangerous activities of any kind are not allowed inside the Villa.

18. Tenants will only use the villa for legal purposes. This applies, but is not limited to the use of illicit drugs, the physical abuse of other people, the shelter of fugitives or without a residence permit ... Any breach will terminate this contract without compensation.

19. The tenants agree not to access the personal effects of the owners who are in the premises or cupboards provided for this purpose, even if they are not locked.

20. Tenants are aware that the villa is equipped with various gas-powered appliances, if tenants have the slightest doubt as to how to use these appliances safely, they must express their doubts or questions. immediately to the qualified representatives of the villa.

21. Tenants are aware that the villa is not equipped with smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors and accept this condition of the property.

22. Renters are responsible for their own security throughout the rental period, and they will ensure that all doors and windows are locked as soon as they leave the villa.

23. The quality of the internet connection may not be satisfactory. Villa Strelitzia will not be responsible for this and no complaints from tenants will be accepted on this subject, nor any request for reimbursement.

24. Each guest, must be over eighteen (18) years of age that the tenants decide to take into the property, unless accompanied by one of the parents.

25. Wood fires (campfire, bonfire, or other) will not be tolerated within the property. Only the use of gas grills (BBQ) will be tolerated.

26. Short-term tenants cannot hire staff.

27. The possession of firearms will only be tolerated if the owner holds an official license to carry a weapon granted in the Dominican Republic, and the Renter must disclose the carrying of a weapon upon arrival.

28. Tenants are requested not to touch electronic equipment and its cabling: HI-FI chain, Wi-Fi internet equipment, TV, etc ... All equipment is supposed to be in good working order. representing immediately and not trying to fix the problem yourself.

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